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About Us

Our company offers top quality boats of 5 to 9 meters, different types and capacities depending on your needs and desires. We offer boat rentals with a large sunbathing deck under which there is a sleeping and resting cabin or open deck variants with a sunbathing area. Rental boats have all the necessary equipment for a safe and pleasant stay at the sea. We also offer the option of renting a boat with a skipper so you can enjoy your vacation with an expert person. For our guests who rent a boat we offer water sports equipment such as tubs or bananas for fun. Take advantage of the organized taxi transfer to Lošinj and enjoy the excursion to the sea without worry!



"Not a type of person that will spend the entire vacation just laying on the beach on hot summer days? Watersports is the best adventurous refreshment during the summer heat. It will give you an unforgettable and exciting experience – something to remember with a smile!"




Excursions to Mali Lošinj

and Zrmanja Falls

We also offer one day excursions to island Mali Lošinj

and Zrmanja waterfalls. Check it out.


Unforgettable one day trip

to Zrmanja

UNFORGETTABLE TRIP Board the legendary Jug and spend your day on an unforgettable one-day trip to one of the most beautiful river canyons in Europe!

Our Mission

We have the right solution for you, CHARTER MENAGMENT and sailing the boats by renting our apartments in the package arrangement!

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