Rule book

1. Payment

The chartered yachts with complete equipment can be used only after proper payment.

2. Rent

The rent includes a fee for the boat and its use. The rental fee does not include the costs of vessel fuel and oil. The vessel is handed over to a full tank of fuel and oil, clean and in proper condition, and it also such a user should return to lessor.

3. Cancellation of lease

Upon receiving or taking over the vessel, the User shall deposit the deposit with the Lessee. The Lessee is obligated to give the Beneficiary a full refund if the Beneficiary submits to the Lessee an undamaged and clean vessel within the agreed deadline. If the User returns to the Lessee the damaged vessel, and the damage caused is greater than the amount of the deposit paid, the User of the boat loses the right to refund the deposit. If the damage caused to the vessel is less than the amount of the deposit paid, the damage is entirely settled by the same, and the remainder is returned to the Beneficiary.

4. Deposit

On admission and boat rental User laid bail lessor.The Lessee is obligated to return the Beneficiary's deposit fully if the User handed over to the Lessee an undamaged and clean vessel within the agreed deadline. If the user returns lessor damaged vessel, and the damage is greater than the amount to paying the deposit, Member of the vessel loses the right to a refund of the deposit. If the damage caused to the vessel is less than the amount of the deposit paid, the damage is entirely settled by the same, and the remainder is returned to the Beneficiary.

5. Takeover of the vessel

a) To be submitted only completely equipped yachts with full fuel in perfect condition, as well as boats is compulsory and at his return lessor. When damage to the ship, the user is required to bear the costs incurred in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 of these terms. In the case of negligence and / or loss of one or more parts of the equipment or damage to the inventory, the user fully incurs the actual costs incurred.
b) Covert disadvantages of a vessel or its equipment which the landlord may not have been aware of at the time of the handover of the vehicle, as well as the deficiencies that may arise after the handover, do not entitle the user to reduced rental rates.
c) If during the rental there is a disadvantage, the user can carry out repairs to the vessel, and should notify the Principal beforehand. In the case of missiles, as well as in the participation of other ships, it is obliged to report the case to the competent port captain and to establish a protocol (the course of events, the determination of the damage) for the insurance company. Likewise, the User is obliged to notify the Lessee immediately. If the user fails to comply with the obligations assumed, he or she shall bear the costs of such damages to the Lessee.
d) If further driving is not possible for any reason or overpass is inevitable, the User must, for further information, notify the Principal
e) In the overdue caused by bad weather, the User shall bear all costs arising from this to the lessor. Lessor advises safe route planning.
f)The user is obligated to return the poles at the agreed place and agreed time. If the User fails to return the vessel and return it to another location, the User guarantees that for each delay pay lessor daily rent, and for any delay over 3 hours to pay twice the daily rental fee with the addition of expenses incurred by the owner lessor for delayed return of the vessel.

6. Commitments lessor

The lessor undertakes to deliver the vessel to the agreed place and agreed time, in good condition. If the owner can not be to make available a vessel of similar or better characteristics at the appointed place 24 hours after the deadline, the User has the right to cancel the contract. Every other right of Members to compensation is excluded. The lessor reserves the right to withdrawal from the contract no later than 7 days before the commencement of the charter with the obligation to return the entire amount to user's needs paid for the charter, without interest

7. Rights and liabilities

a) The vessel is obliged to take the vessel to proceed carefully and at the same time comply with all applicable regulations. The breach of public rules, laws and regulations, the responsibility lies entirely with the user. User is obliged to immediately notify lessor and the competent authorities in the event of a power boat or inability to operate the boat and listen to the seizure, capturing or measures forbidden by the competent state authorities or third parties.
b) The user must posjedovatti compulsory license for steering boats. If the owner determines that the skipper does not possess the necessary knowledge and skills (eg. In connection with the existing weather conditions) may prohibit the vessel's departure. In this case, the user will be according to their ability to make an effort with the help of skipper obtain the necessary knowledge. Customer agrees that the vessel will not be sub-licensed, or lend it to another person, not to participate in regattas or use it for commercial purposes, professional fishing, that will drive at night only in safe weather conditions, and that will not sail out of Croatian waters. User agrees to carefully operate the vessel, and its inventory and equipment.
c) If a user I do not want to perform the function of the vessel, shall prior the vessel appoint a skipper. The designated operator of the boat is co-responsible with the Beneficiary to the lessor.
d) All of the harmful effects owing to the operation of the vessel to unauthorized persons shall be borne by the corresponding user.
e) The user is required daily for oil in engine. The user is required to check the oil status of the engine daily. Damage due to lack of oil in the engine is not secured and the user is fully covered. Damage to the underwater part of the vessel carries with it a review of the vessel that falls entirely to the burden of the user.

8. Complaints

Owner accepts only those complaints that have been lodged in writing and during the handover, which are signed by the axis of the lessor or his representative and by boat in person. Other complaints can not be considered.

9. Jurisdiction

In case of misunderstanding or dispute the parties will resolve the same amicably. If they do not succeed is the jurisdiction of the court of the seat of the lessor.