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The Beauty Of Our End

Rent a boat and sail yourself and enjoy the beauties of the Velebit region. With our help and advice in preparing the most convenient routes, you yourself organize a perfect excursion for yourself, your friends and family. Enjoy yourself in the beauty of the Zrmanja River, the canal of fishponds, the Dalmatian towns of Novigrad, Vinjerac, Obrovac, beautiful sandy beaches, coves and Dalmatian cuisine in the restaurants.

Renting a vessel with a crew is the right solution for you if you want a totally relaxed and carefree vacation, leaving the boat's care for a professional crew. Regardless of whether you have chosen a sailboat or a motor yacht, the procedure for chartering a vessel with a crew is simpler because the professional crew takes over the boat and takes care of it all the time. You still have to leave the sea and the sun, and you agree with the skipper about the route you want to sail.

We also offer you a selection of quads used for panorama driving or extreme off-road driving. There are options for individual driving and combined driving for up to two people on the vehicle. You get protective gear in the quad rental package.

Visit one of the most beautiful Dalmatian destinations

Possibility to rent a boat with a skipper

Novigrad sea is a deep-sealed marine bay of 28.65 km². It is connected to the Velebit (Podgora or Planina) canal in the northwest by the Nov (or Maslenica) jaw, and the Karolina Sea on the JI Karin cedar. The length of the bay in the direction of west-east is 11.0 km, and the largest width is 4.8 km. The length of the coastline of Novigrad is 29.7 km. The largest depth of 38 m is located directly at the entrance to Novsko Ždrilo, and depths below 30 m occupy only a small part in front of Novsko Ždrilo.


Starigrad is the center of the Pakleni Riviera, which was built on the foundations of the ancient Ancient City of Argyruntu. Today it is a lively tourist resort with over a thousand inhabitants who replaced their traditional way of life on the Velebit slopes half a century ago by life along the sea. The Paklenica Riviera is delighted by the incredible permeation of different landscapes that move in the moment to the eye of the observer.


Seline is situated on a fertile plain at the foot of Velebit, beside the Starigrad Paklenica, near the canyon of Paklenica, which exudes the wilderness of the mountains. Make it a beautiful long pebble beach and such a neighborhood is interesting to many tourists eager for active and relaxing vacations. In addition to the natural beauties of Paklenica NP at the foot of Velebit, you should visit the autochthon hamlets that have preserved the traditional culture and hospitality.


Obrovac is located on the river Zrmanja, 12 km from its mouth to the sea. It was developed at the intersection of Zadar, Sibenik and Knin, at the foot of the small Alana and Prezid crossroads that run from Lika to Dalmatia. Its traffic significance was significantly reduced by the construction of the highway of King Tomislav, the Zagreb - Split motorway. In the canyon next to the last fall of Karlovac's beauty Zrmanja, before moving quietly into the Novigrad Sea, at the turn of the centuries-old passage through the Velebit mountain, the town of Obrovac depicts the stone contours of the fortresses of the princes of Kurijakovic in a green-thin river. In the Bukovo karst with the breath of the river, the sea and the mountains, the place where rafting lovers enjoy.

Explore Starigrad by Boat

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