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Full day trip with ship from Starigrad until waterfalls in the river Zrmanja. You will be swimming in the river under the waterfall, explore remains from old water mills, enjoy the exciting ride with speedboat on emerald green river thru canyon with amazingly high cliffs and later on you will have a chance to visit small fishing place Ribnica.


River Zrmanja is considered to be the cleanest and nicest rivers in the Croatia. Thru it's river path the surrounding is completely out of stony landskape. After 69 km Zrmanja is flowing into Novigrad sea close to the city Obrovac. It is known for it's very high cliffs as well as beautiful and clean nature. This canyon is protected as geomorphological nature monument and it is specially characteristic for 200m cliffs which are rising from the bottom of the river.

Excursion price 400€-650€e depends on the boat clinet choice or boats availables

price includes: boat skiper and fuel


START: 9:45

END: 16:00

Ribnica is a small fishermans place located on the coastal straits which connects Novigrad sea and Karin sea. Ribnica is known for peaceful enviroment fsr away from any crowd and noise and there are very beautiful gravel and sand beaches.

The trip with the speedboat will start in Starigrad, where the skipper will be waiting for you and help you board the boat. After you are on, you will start sailing alongside the coast of Starigrad until the river Zrmanja. While sailing, you eill enjoy the view of National park Paklenicas mountain tops. You will be passing under Maslenica bridge and continue sailing to Zrmanja river. In the city of Obrovac you will pass under small bridge and continue all the way until the waterfall which is called Janković buk. While on the waterfalls, you will have free time for swimming under the waterfalls and exploring the remains of old water mill from 19th century. After waterfalls, you will continue same path until our next stop in Ribnica. There you will have free time for swimming in the sea, enjoying your coffe or lunch in the restaurant. After exploring the Ribnica you will be coming back to Starigrad. The trip is finishing around 16:30 in Starigrad

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